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Slave Rules

Remember he loves you.

- This slave will post at least 7 pictures a day, with one new chapter, and one new journal entry.

- This slave will train her ass and throat every day and use lots of lube.

- Whores don’t deserve pleasure

- Whenever he sits next to me, this dumb slave will touch him and caress him as much as possible.

- This slave will always address him as Master before any other name.

- This whore will remember her cunt is loose, ruined, disgusting, and gapped and shall never be used.

- This cunts body, mind, and soul are the property of Master

- This slave will serve, obey, please, and love her Master however he desires.

- This slave will constantly be in heat, horny, and on the brick of orgasm. If this cunt is not horny she will rub her clit until she is.  This slave will never penetrate Masters cunt or reach orgasm without Master permission

- This slave worships her Master and her Masters body

- I am my Master’s greatest treasure.

- This stupid slave must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from her Master

- This bitch must always confess to her Master when she has been naughty so that He may decide if such violations require her to be disciplined or punished

- This bitches limits do not have to be respected, she trust her Master to take her past them when he expects that she is ready.

- This cunt may, at times, offer various parts of her body to her Master in hopes he will take pleasure in using them in whatever ways he wishes. This slaves only hope will be that offering will please him.

- Masters cum must never go to waste, this cunt must swallow all of it, lick it off any where he cums and treasure each moment she gets to taste it.  The eating of Master’s cum will be counted as one of my meals for the day.

- Masters cock, balls, and asshole this cunt will spend the most time worshipping. If this whore is given permission to suck, she will do so with enthusiasm for as long as Master desires. This dumb fucktoy will suck Masters balls massaging them with her tongue for hours and with joy.  This cunt will clean Masters asshole multiple times a day so he never is dirty. She will do all of this with such pleasure and desire.

- All men are smarter than this worthless whore.

- As a bimbo my only asset is my body.

-This fuckmeat will always offer Master her ass or throat before her pussy.

- This fuck toy will be seen, not heard.

- This cunt can always lose a couple more pounds, and work out more.

- When Master wants to use his body for his pleasure it makes this slut proud, happy, grateful, and thankful. This bitch loves him, admires him, and spoils him. This cunt always strives to get all of the sperm from him.

- When Master does not want to use this whores body for his pleasure anymore, it is this cunts fault. She did not do my best to please him, and another woman will get his sperm. This bimbo will be ashamed, keep silent, and let him be pleased. If Master ever leaves it is slaves fault.

- When Master beats slave it is because slave deserve it. This slave will feel guilty and ashamed, and will thank Master for educating her.  If Master beats slave for no reason, she is happy to give him pleasure, and lets him do it.

- This slave only does anything with Master in mind.